Cake Ideas For Craft Lovers

birthday craft cake8

Baking is a lot of fun , specially when a person also loves crafting.Well its great idea to make craft design cakes.If you want to make a cake, at very first ,you will need to think about what decorating material you need while making it. Below is a list of cake designs ,most popular , […]

Wonderful Ideas With Crochet

crochet tinny things patterns

A person who loves Crochet ,when touch the yarn ,automatically the person is now dreaming of new projects of crochet.Hand made Crochet are ever beautiful.Here you will get many ideas while selecting your project of crochet.Have a look upon our gallery, given below! Here is the very charming baby dress made of crochet,It may appear […]

30 Festive And Perky Nail Art Ideas For Christmas

outclass nail polish design ideas

Nail art is a creative way to make designs and draw sketches on fingers nails.It is an alluring art.No doubt,Nowadays this trend become very much popular.Obviously,  its part of fashion now.Most of the girls get attracted by such fascinating ideas to apply nail paints.Nail art not only related to the idea of decorating  fingernails but […]

Lovely Birthday and Wedding Party Cake Crafts

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People love delicious cakes for every occasion.It is very much important to have  some brilliant ideas related to specific event.Decorate Cakes by using your own imaginative ideas.Plan in advance and do present your cake wonderfully.Here you will find a very unique collection of “Cake Decoration“.Do select any of this pattern and start baking! No matter […]

Welcome Soon Merry Christmas! Pallet Wooden Tree

pallet tree diy for christmas

To close the 2016 album of fir trees in pallet, I make you discover this latest realization not less surprising, very original and successful for my taste! I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas to all and all pallet friends, thank you to be more and more to visit my page, see […]

Beautiful Inkle Loom Tapestry Crochet Bag

tapestry bag diy

I have finished my first bag. So happy with it, warts and all. Learnt a lot and will be a little wiser making the next one. My husband made an inkle loom for me and I made my own Kumihimos disk for the cord. There were a lot of first time techniques in this bag and […]

Christmas Preparations With Lovable Pallet Hand Made Tree&Santa

Pallet tree diy

 Christmas is here at last and everyone wants to decorate their place with ornaments that compliment the season. With a few days left you and your kids can enjoy making cute jacketed wood pigeons, either mounted on bedroom walls or placed on your breakfast table, weave stationary holders for the little ones, decorate the front […]

Counting Down The Days To Christmas is More Fun With This Adorable Crafts

some craft ideas for christmas

Christmas is that time of the year of which every single individual anxiously waits for.  Now that Christmas day is just around the corner, people of all ages, whether children or adult all just can’t wait for Christmas to arrive already. In the meantime that everyone is waiting for the big, exciting holiday you can […]

Some Cute Easy Crochet Christmas Gifts


Christmas season is finally here and everyone is thinking of giving their loved ones, family and friends the most perfect, unique and innovative gifts ever. Christmas marks the use of conifer trees to decorate and adorn every home. If you wish to make your Christmas perfect and spread the love and warmth of this day […]