Fantastic Embroidery Stitches Try to Immediately

felted veggies hung embroidery hoops

In our daily, routine life we need some activities that distract us from our monotonous routine life and add some excitement and thrill to our life. We often think of activities that could refresh us and make us lively and make life fun for us. Most people advice activities that only skilled and talented people […]

Embroidered Handmade DIY Stitch Method. Needle Weaving


Most females love to spend their free time in hobbies such as hand knitting, handmade embroidery etc. hand embroidery item are most innovative creation one can make with hands. The use of thread and the intricate designs make the piece of art look breathtakingly gorgeous.  Most females love to spend their free time in hobbies […]

10 Hand Embroidery Stitches to Add to Your Repertoire

KNOTTED DIAMOND STITCH I have been a huge fan of embroidery stitching. It was an amazing experience of embroidery. When starting embroidery you should mark the areas that need to be stitched. Follow thread to all the marked areas and make sure you are following it correctly. SCROLL STITCH Just like in the picture below […]

Top 10 Must-Know Easy Hand Embroidery Stitches


Hand embroidery is an old trick that our grandmothers used to follow when they were bored at home. We have so many other things to do and we forget about the creative ones. The embroidery stitches are the most common and fun way to do embroidery for fun. Look at the examples below and make […]

15+ Handmade Unique Embroidery Pattern Ideas


We have always been intrigued by the beautiful handmade embroidered work that our grandmothers have done and we have always wanted to learn about them. This doesn’t seem too easy when you begin to make the embroideries but practice makes a man perfect and just like your grandmother you can become professional in handmade embroidery. Following […]

10 Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs


Art is a talent that not a lot of people are bestowed with. When speaking of art we mostly get the impression or idea that a person is talking about paintings, sketches, colors or something very creative and innovative. Seldom it is that we think of art as something we make out of fabric, threads, […]