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Now that winter season is over and the dull grey ambiance has been lifted and we are blessed with the spring season every ne is making use of colorful, attractive looking items to add beauty and color to their environment and have fun. In the process towards making everything in our environment pretty and attractive the initiative of decorating the door of a house with colorful flower hanging decoration is the best and the most enthralling idea. If you are thinking of being a warm, hospitable host to your guests and you wish to imply your hospitability towards your guests’ then you need to start from the first door from where your guest enters. The plain white or brown wooden door when adorned with fancy, pretty flower adorned hangings creates an impression in the person’s mind that the host is very welcoming and the visit to that host would be very welcoming. In making these hanging you can make use of various items that include wooden sticks and figs, fresh or dried flowers, pot pourri, pebbles, marbles, ribbons, bird nest and eggs  or possibly anything that makes the hanging look utterly beautiful.

Flower Decoration Ideas8 Flower Decoration Ideas

Making a door hanging decoration is an art. The use of different sorts of items to create something really cool and innovative that attracts everyone is a talent. The use of colored sticks and dried flowers to decorate the hanging makes it look even prettier.

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The door hanging can be made with any time and of any color you wish to have. If you are using white and other contrasting colors like purple or green they give a very fresh and welcoming impression to any guest that comes by.

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The style and design of every door hanging decoration can be unique. If you wish to add some text to the hanging it will look even more stylish and it will imply that you are more hospitable towards guests.

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If warm, fresh colors are used to paint the wooden stick made door hanging to embellish a door it will definitely look amazing. The use of tiny ornaments on the hanging adds to the beauty of it.

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The best way to decorate a door hanging is to adorn it with dried flowers and leaves and add small marbles to it to make it look more classy and stylish.

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So there are some other different ways to welcome your guests in a decorative manner. The use of wooden sticks to make a circle and adorning the circle with light toned pretty dried flowers is an awesome idea.

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As it is the spring season now we have many fresh as well as dried flowers these days. The use of these colorful fresh flowers to decorate door hanging is a fantastic idea.

Flower Decoration Ideas 59

Most people would like to give the door hanging a very natural look inspired by true Mother Nature. The use of fresh colorful flowers as well as tiny bird nests is an adorable idea to decorate door hangings.

Flower Decoration Ideas 61

Let your inner artist unleash and try out new things. By making use of different sorts of wooden sticks you can create something more innovative and prettier. While decorating these creations with exotic ornaments and flowers you can make it look wonderful.

Flower Decoration Ideas 53

You can also make a fancy door hanging inspired by true wild nature. The use of sticks and figs to make a circle and adorn it with tiny bird nests and fake bird eggs  give an adorable and attractive look.

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If you wish to make the door hanging to your house be lovely and more attractive then here is an awesome idea. You can make us of artificial cherries, pink  flowers, red ribbons  to decorate the hanging.

Flower Decoration Ideas 50

A door hanging when made by yourself implies more warmth and hospitable gesture towards guest that might come by. A hanging adorned with pearls, bird eggs, pebbles, and dried flowers looks elegant .

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Its not necessary that the decoration has to be hanged, it can be placed anywhere near the entrance door. A piece of decoration fully embellished with scented pretty candles, tiny artificial animals and some dried leaves and flowers looks epically elegant.

Flower Decoration Ideas 47

Now a days because of the spring season , bright colorful attractive colors when used in decorating the door hangings look beautiful. They give a very fresh and calm impression.

Flower Decoration Ideas 42

In making door hangings you can be very creative and make use of possibly anything that looks attractive and beautiful. The use of olive colored ribbons, dried flowers  and some wool balls looks remarkable.

Flower Decoration Ideas 44

The door hangings of any door need to be intricately decorated and adorned so as to make a firm and lasting hospitable and warm impression on a guest. It can be decorated making use of various ornaments.

Flower Decoration Ideas 45

A door hanging can be made more beautiful, attractive and lovely the more you decorate and adorn it with fancy items. The use of various shaped figures of butterflies and flowers and other dried flowers gives a very fresh and pretty look.

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The best part about door hangings is that you can decorate and adorn it with items that you love. The use of purple colored ornaments and flowers to decorate the door hanging is an artistic touch to it.

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The flowered door hanging decorations can be changed and altered according ones choice. The use of light toned items such as a tiny house and some ribbons signifies a lovely gesture of generosity and hospitability.

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A flower decoration piece adorning a door gives a warm welcoming sign to anyone who is visiting. The use of brown colored wooden sticks, dried flowers and pot pourri delicately assembled together creates an artistic piece of beauty. This circular piece beauty made of flowers and wooden sticks hanging on the front door looks ethereal.

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