DIY Shelf Made With Reclaimed Pallet Wood

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November 12, 2016
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DIY Shelf Made With Reclaimed Pallet Wood


Following is a wood pallet of what I made a few days ago. You can follow this and make your own sketch and have the perfect look of it in just no time. Just time and devotion will give you extreme great results that are not accepted without hard work. This is a rough sketch of what my wife wanted. I used this to get my final measurements.


Dry fit. Here I have laid out everything on the floor and am using blocks to prop them up so I can check the final look before fastening. You can see the original sketch on the shop floor using sidewalk chalk I stole from my son.


She wanted wine glass slots in the top board so this is how I did those. I started with drilling a hole so the end of the slots would have a rounded edge. I used a 1/2″ spade bit for the holes.


Started cutting the slots using my table saw since my vertical handsaw was out of commission at the time.pallet-diy-shelf-6  Well, crap. One of the struggles with using reclaimed wood is that a lot of it was split in one area or another. This piece happened to be split right between two of the wine glass slots. Edit to clarify: I had to start over with a new board for this piece.pallet-diy-shelf-7

All nailed together using a 16 ga nail gun (this project was my excuse for buying it). Goofy son for scale.


I flipped it over and added the hangers to the back, ensuring they are 16″ apart so I can hang on studs.



This shows the new location of the hangers. Where my wife wanted it on the wall didn’t line up with studs so I had to move the hangers.


Final product. My wife is very happy with how it turned out. Happy wife, happy life!


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