Easy Pallet Wooden Diy Bench Build Project

We often come across thinking of buying new furniture or bench for your front porch. But at times we  can not get exactly what we want or we do not find the qualities or features in the bench we want. In times like these we should be able to help ourselves and be able to make something on our own. This DIY idea of making a bench for the front porch can be successful if you make use of pallet wood. you can add any feature you wish to add to the bench. Most importantly the texture and surface of the bench would be a lot smoother and even than what you can get from the market.
pallet outdoor furniture diy idea

The first step to make a bench for the front porch is to gather pallets of wood and assemble them in the structure of a bench.

pallet furniture diy idea

After you have completed the structure of bench you then have to cover the upper side with more pallets of wood to give an even look.

pallet furniture diy idea1

Once you done with the front side you have to move onto the backside. Even out the backside of the bench too with pallets of wood.

pallet furniture diy idea2

You have to make sure all the sides of the bench are covered and evened out very neatly to give a smooth look.

pallet furniture diy idea9

You have to be careful in making the bench. The entire structure must have a plain, even base.

pallet furniture diy idea12

Because of the layer of wood covering the bench structure a space between the two walls has been created.

pallet furniture diy idea5

Each nook and corner of the bench is made and cut in a special manner with accurate precision.

pallet furniture diy idea6

A fantastic idea would be to make a table just like the bench with the use of pallet wood.

pallet furniture diy idea10
Made By: Arnaud Uchan‎

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