Motive Birthday Cakes For Craft Lovers

Cakes are used at many occasions. At most events cakes are the life of the party. Many people  use cakes at birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, baby showers, bridal showers or just to cheer someone up.  Cakes are of various kinds and types. The process of baking, creating and decorating the cake is an art. Especially, the decoration and adornment of cakes is an art that makes  the cake look like a magical, exotic piece of creation. A simple cake is transformed into something attractive and amazing by customizing it according to what a person loves or according to some theme. Various colored fondant creams or figures are used to make the cake look absolutely stunning and attractive. Such customized cakes are a revolution in the cake world. They negate the statement that beauty lies only on the inside. These customized cakes are beautiful from the outside and scrumptious on the inside.

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Children love dogs especially the dogs from their favorite Disney movies. Whether it’s a girl or a boy they both loves dogs and choosing to create a Dalmatian inspired customized cake for a birthday party is a fun and amazing idea.

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A Cinderella  themed customized three tier cake is the best sort of cake that can be organized for a little girl’s birthday bash. The use of pearls and bows to adorn the cake make it look even more adorable.

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Its not necessary that a cake must be made only for a birthday party. You can also have an adorably designed, customized large cake inspired by your favorite love story for your wedding.

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A colorful, fun cake is the one which is based or inspired by something that you love and something that excites you. Making a cake customized according to a movie “Up” looks stunning and adorable because of the use of different tones of colors.

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Little girls dream to live a life like that of a Disney princess. Making a three tier customized Disney princesses themed cake for your little princess is the perfect cake that you can get.

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A triple tiered cake with different cartoon figures adorning the top of it make the cake look super cute. The colorful lollipops and candy top on the cake look delicious.

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Creating a beautiful cake that is also delicious is an art or talent. The use of plain white fondant to create a beautiful and to adorn it with golden colored flares and blood red roses gives a very elegant  and fancy look to the cake.

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A birthday cake must be themed according to what the person loves. A cake inspired by cars with tiny cars adoring the top of the cake look fantastic. The use of different colored fondant or sprays to give the impression of racing place looks realistic.

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Most people love to have cake at weddings or sort of celebrations. The use of a four tiered, customized cake is a great idea for such events. The use of white fondant cream to make this cake and embellishing it with pink rose petals and  a rose crowing the top looks elegantly gorgeous.

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Now a days the movie “beauty and the beast” is in the market and everyone has become a fan of it. making a beauty and the beast themed cake for a birthday party of your little princess is a fantastic idea. The most remarkable decoration of the cake would be to place a rose covered in glass and sparkling lights. This decoration of the cake makes it look attractive and lovely.

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A cake inspired by the classical famous Disney’s Mickey Mouse is an epic creation. This four tiered cake with every tier of different and unique design makes the person fall in love with this exquisite creation.

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People usually plan to have a beautifully created and adorned cake at their wedding. The use of a five tiered  cake inspired by the classical dialogue of every fairy tale “ and the lived happily ever after” embedded in levels on the cake make an graceful and charming cake.

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Who does not love the most famous fairytale of the snow white? Making a snow white themed cake is an innovative thing to do. Making use of the character of dwarf’s heads decorated on one tier of the cake and the other embellished with yellow cream looks absolutely lavish , lush and beautiful just like Snow white.

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The presentation of a cake is all that matters. The use of various colors and a color scheme inspired by the Mickey Mouse in making the decoration of the cake is absolutely  endearing. Tiny cupcakes deigned in the exact way as the cake add to the charm of the customized Mickey Mouse cake.

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A light toned cake, inspired and themed according to the most famous Disney movie “Frozen” excites many little girls. The use of pearls to decorate the bottom of each tier of the cake and placing a snowman on the cake top is an innovative addition to the decoration of the cake.

birthday crafts 7   A fancy birthday party for your little princess calls for a fancy, customized, tiered cake too, to enhance the fun, excitement  and lavish ambiance of the party. The use of golden sprayed cream and the combination  of pink, white and gold looks stunningly gorgeous and elegantbirthday crafts 9

A very simple yet delicious cake can also be made very easily . you can also adorn and decorate the cake in a unique yet easy and cheap manner by making use of simple chocolates and sprinklers.

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“Alice in wonderland” is one the best and the most loved fairy tale of all time. An “Alice in wonder land “ themed cake with a character placed on each tier of the cake is an innovative idea that makes the cake look both fun and delicious to eat.

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Are you thinking of throwing a lavish, royal birthday party for your little princess? Then here is an amazing idea for the birthday cake, you can choose a Cinderella inspired three tier cake in blue color which looks absolutely beautiful just like your little angel.

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