Pallet Kitchen Island Diy Projects

The kitchen is that place of a household where all the food is prepared. Here, everything that contributes in making a scrumptious meal are stored and organized in a proper manner. For all such purposes a kitchen island is very necessary. This kitchen island when made all by yourself with the use of pallet wood is a fantastic idea. If you are wondering how you can construct a kitchen island all by yourself then don’t worry here are some really easy and simple steps for you to follow. The first step is to create a base structure of the island, then to attach doors and hinges that hold the door, and then magnets that keep the door intact. In making the island presentable all you need to do is to polish and paint to make it look simple and decent.

diy pallet kitchen islandHere are some really easy and simple steps in making a pallet wood kitchen island on your own. The first step is to arrange pallets of wood and nail them in a properly defined structure of a table with separate compartments.

pallet wood kitchen island diy 7

Once you are done in making the structure of the table with compartments you have to move on to covering it with a door. By making use of pallets of wood to make one of the doors with an iron handle on it looks simple and elegant.

pallet wood kitchen island diy 6

The third step in making a nice, neat kitchen island is to entirely  cover the front of the island table. now that you have covered half of it, attach another pallet wooden door with hinges drilled between the table and the door.

pallet kitchen island diy 5

In the above steps you have to make use of simple, plain pallets of wood. Now that you are done in making the structure you need to polish it to give it a glossy touch and to make it look even more impressive.

pallet kitchen island diy 1

In the process of constructing the wooden pallet kitchen island you need to make some specific additions too.  The addition of magnets that keep the doors intact with the back structure is a genius secures all the items placed inside the island.

pallet kitchen island diy 3 Now moving towards the finishing touches to  the pallet wood kitchen island. This step involves polishing and painting the door of the island with different shades of brown to give and antique look.

pallet wood kitchen island diy

Another step that you need to take in order to get the perfect kitchen island is to polish from top to bottom with a glossy paint to give it a neat touch. The brown color painted on the top of the island makes it unique.

pallet wood kitchen island diy 4

Alas! The final step that requires your motivation, determination to create a simple and nice kitchen island made entirely with pallets of wood.  The glossy, neat, tidy look of the island is created with the help of wood polish that makes it look elegant.

pallet kitchen island
Made By: Nunung Choe

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