Have A Great Idea Of Diy Pallet Wood Bench Inside Wisky Cooler

There are a lot of things in our minds that can change our lives and make them a lot easier. Many complicated chores can be transformed into simple and easier tasks just by the use of a handmade DIY item. at times for the sake of laziness or maybe innovation we turn out to make something really cool and amazing that is of great use to us. In a similar way the DIY cooler plus seat is a remarkable piece of item that makes our lives easier. Simply by making use of easily accessible items and most importantly inexpensive items you can make it. in order to make a cooler plus seat you need to have an old or spare metallic container, some pallet wood pieces of various sizes and shapes, a drill machine, a welding machine, a nailing machine, some paint and polish.

best diy pallet wood bench inside wisk cooler

Step No.1

The first step in making a wine cooler plus bench is to find the perfect sort of container to be converted. Make sure the container is either made with steel or iron.

diy pallet sofa with old drum Step No.2

Next up you have to use a Grander  machine. Make use of this grander machine to cuting holes into the container and pierce it.

diy pallet sofa with old drum3 Step No.3

The thirds step to be followed is to cut container in two exact halves. In order to do this you would need to cut the container through with an electric saw.

diy pallet sofa with old drum 2  Step No.4

Now, you have successfully cut a portion of the container. You need to separate the cutted portion from the container, such that you can see the stainless steel portion.

diy pallet sofa with old drum4 Step No.5

So the next step is to gather four iron hinges. Nail these hinges onto the round side of the container from where the container is cut in half.diy pallet sofa with old drum12Step No.6 

The next thing that you need to do is gather a few pallet wood pieces. By making use of a drill machine and a cutter you have to narrow the widened pallet wooden pieces into a specific length , restricted diameter rod.

diy pallet sofa with old drum9Step No.7

Now that you have made the metallic rod you have to insert this rod into the container. By making use of a welding machine as well as a drill machine you have to pierce a hole in exact same position such that the rod is inserted perpendicularly.

diy pallet sofa with old drum6 Step No.8

As you did before in the previous steps, with the use of pallet wood you have to reshape and resize the wooden pieces. You have to give them a shape that fits into the container properly.

diy pallet sofa with old drum 10 Step No.9

In this step you have to place the wooden resized, reshaped flat rods under the container so as to give it some support.
diy pallet sofa with old drum12
Step No.10 

The container is now in the shape of two large semi circles. Because you have to make it a fridge as well as a set you have to secure its basis. The two semi circles are supported with pallet wooden rods. These rods are to be placed at exactly the diameter of the semi circles.

diy pallet sofa with old drum14Step No.11

Now that we are done making the basic structure we move on to adding more features to the container. With the use of a drill machine make a hole at the bottom of the container. In this hole, insert a nozzle or tap.
diy pallet sofa with old drum25
Step No.12

In this step you have to start covering the lower half of the container. You can do this by placing pallet wooden pieces onto the rod .
diy pallet sofa with old drum8

Step No.13

Once you have covered the entire area of the lower portion with pallet wooden pieces you have to secure. For this you need a machine that nails the wooden pieces into the container so that the wooden pieces remain firm and don’t move.
diy pallet sofa with old drum 11
Step No.14

After nailing the wooden pieces on the container you have to straighten them up too. The pallets of wood used before were of different sizes. The extra part is cut off to give a neat and even look.
diy pallet sofa with old drum16
Step No.15

You must have some pallet wood stayed behind. His wood will be used now. With the use of a drill machine you can carve an innovative design onto the wood so that it looks pretty.
diy pallet sofa with old drum21
Step No.16

Once you have carved a design on the wooden pallet you have to paint and polish it. be careful in doing this step because if the paint is not properly used it will show the raw wood underneath which will be not very pleasing.
diy pallet sofa with old drum22
Step No.18

Now its time to make the head part. The upper portion is supposed to be a seat. So pallet wooden pieces  are made even and neat. These pallet wooden pieces are then nailed as the head. The designed wood is placed above it. the arms of the chair are also made with pallet wood combined together.
diy pallet sofa with old drum24
Step No.19

Make sure the bottom of seat is made in such a way that they are convertible. They should be more like flaps.
diy pallet sofa with old drum20
Step No.20

Under the flap like wooden seat is the fridge. You can add crushed ice to it and place wine bottles in to get cooled.
diy pallet sofa with old drum26
Step No.21

This flap like structure of the seat allows you to take out a cold wine bottle without having to move or go anywhere.
diy pallet sofa with old drum27

Step No.22

Now its time to beautify the entire structure. For this you need to grab a paint or a polish. With the help of a brush polish the entire wooden part to give it a glossy, neat, tidy look.

diy pallet sofa with old drum23 Step No.23

Let you inner artist unleash and polish or paint the wooden structure just the way you like to.

diy pallet sofa with old drum24Step No.24
diy pallet sofa with old drum 1
Final Step Ready For Seating on anywhere 

No part of the structure should be left unpolished. The structure should have a net, tidy, glossy, shiny and even look.the seat has ample space for you to sit and enjoy a cold bottle of wine.

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