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In our daily, routine life we need some activities that distract us from our monotonous routine life and add some excitement and thrill to our life. We often think of activities that could refresh us and make us lively and make life fun for us. Most people advice activities that only skilled and talented people can do. But here is a fun idea for you to practice. If you practice embroidery on pieces of cloth you will entertain yourself as well as at the end of the activity you will have created an innovative and a magnificent piece of art. By making use of several colorful threads, threads of different types you can now easily make embroider stitches on pieces of cloth even if you are not good at arts and crafts.

embroidery bird stich design

A physical manifestation of beauty and charm is a flower embroided on a piece of cloth. The use of golden string to trace out and forma pretty flower and its branches is an aesthetic beauty.

embroidery crosiya stitch design

By making use of different colored threads, various sizes of needles you can now make something magnificently beautiful all by yourself. The intricately designed and shaped flowers and leaves are perfection.
Embroidery flower stitch

Let your inner artist unleash. Now you can make use of metal like thread to design and weave a fox or possibly any animal on a piece of stretched cloth.

embroidry metal work of fox

The design, art and idea of embroidery on piece of cloth are entirely your choice. You can make use of several colored threads to create something innovative and beautiful.

beautiful embroidery stitch

Making embroided flowers or any shape on a piece of cloth is a unique talent. The use and manipulation of thread or wool to make something remarkably beautiful such as some pretty flowers is a astonishing talent.

amazing embroidery

If you have very fancy and beautiful in your mind, then let it out on some piece of cloth. You can make use of metal thread or some attractive  colored thread to weave and carve an artistic and innovative image.

gorgeous embroidery stitch

Many people love birds and they usually like to picture and paint them. A fantastic new idea would be to make a bird with thread by embroiding it on a piece of cloth by the help of various colorful threads.

glorious embroidry stitch of sprow

A whimsical idea to decorate a kitchen is to make use of embroided pieces of cloth. By using colored threads as that of some similar vegetables and fruits you can make an artistic image of these vegetables.

felted veggies hung embroidery hoops

Flowers, trees, and leaves depict peace. Making, weaving, stitching or embroidering them on a piece of cloth looks absolutely outstanding. The use of colored, shiny threads to make all this is pretty impressive.

fantastic embroidery design
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