DIY Pallet Wood Headboard with a Secret ! Stolen From You Kim Wore it Better

Using a royal, stylish bed and sleeping on it in a lavish, comfortable manner is what everyone dreams to do. The best kind of bed is the one made with pallets of wood. The use of pallets of wood to make a broad headboard of the bed paired with two small cupboards with make the bed look impressive. To add to the ease and comfort two small lamps with yellow bulbs are used. The small cupboards attached with the headboard are very spacious. They have enough space for you to hide anything that you wish for your own safety. In order to make this lavish, rich bed pallets of wood are used. The best way would be to make use of pallets of wood of different shades and sizes. Moreover, the use of lamps to beautify the bed is made successful with use of crystal made small amps. Yellow lights are embedded in the lamps to make the lamps look gorgeous.


A lavish, royal bed is what you need to have a nice, comfortable sleep all night long. The use of pallet wood is what makes the bed a comfortable and stylish bed.Some very easy and simple steps can be flowed in order to make a stylish bed all by you

pallet bed diy idea

On the most easy and simple way to start off in making a huge wooden  pallet wood is to make use of different sizes of wooden pallets to make a structure of the headboard of the bed.

pallet bed headboard with lights

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The next step in making an extravagant wooden bed is to extend the headboard by joining small cupboards with it. Small portions and compartments are made inside the cupboards.


pallet bed headboard with lights diy

Moving on, another important step in the construction of the wooden bed is to attach wires inside the cupboards. These wires are inserted so that lamps can be added to the headboard.

pallet bed diy headboard

Now that the wires have been set inside the cupboards in a definite pattern the next step is  to implant  two light bulbs. Check whether these light bulb work or not by examining the wiring.

pallet bed headboard diy idea

If you wish to make your bed an aesthetic, appealing, stylish one then here is a good idea. Make use of iron and crystal made lamps to cover the light bulbs.

pallet bed diy headboard 5

Now  the design of cupboards. The cupboards along side the headboard are a convenient source for you to place your things that are important to you. You can place books or anything that you like. It can even have hiding places.

pallet bed headboard diy plan

With various small cubicles in the cupboards extending the headboard you are at an advantage. You can make use of  these concealed compartments to hid a gun or any safety gadget.

pallet headboard diy
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